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Resident Event Ideas for July 2023 [+ Social Media Templates]

Resident Event Ideas for July 2023 [+ Social Media Templates]

As we embrace the vibrant month of July, it's time to plan engaging and unforgettable events for your residents. To help you create memorable experiences, we've curated a list of 10 resident event ideas that will have your community buzzing with excitement.

We also share planning tips and social media templates to save you time, effort, and money in the process.  

Let’s dive in.



July Resident Event Idea 1: Food & Fun & Fireworks

Celebrate the Fourth of July in style with a Food & Fun & Fireworks event! Picture a community gathering where residents enjoy mouthwatering barbecue and exciting games, then end the night with a bang from a fireworks display. 

Tip: Partner with local food vendors and encourage residents to bring their own lawn chairs or blankets for a picnic-style experience.



July Resident Event Idea 2: Wing Wednesday

Calling all wing lovers! Treat your residents to a variety of wings with flavors from classic buffalo to tangy barbecue. Take it up a notch by setting up a DIY wing sauce bar with different sauces and toppings. 

Tip: Collaborate with a local wing joint to provide discounts or sponsor the event, saving you money and building connections with local businesses. If you're short on time, make the event a convenient grab-n-go.



July Resident Event Idea 3: Canines + Cocktails

Let's combine two resident favorites—adorable furry friends and refreshing drinks—for an evening of Canines + Cocktails. Designate an area where residents can bring their dogs to socialize while enjoying pet-friendly beverages. Team up with a local animal shelter or pet boutique to offer giveaways or fun pet-themed demonstrations. 

Tip: Whip up a signature "Puppy Punch" mocktail recipe that everyone can enjoy.



July Resident Event Idea 4: Battle of the Brews

If your community loves beer, get ready for a Battle of the Brews event. Join forces with local breweries to set up a beer tasting where residents can sample various craft beers and vote for their favorites. Spice things up with live music, food trucks, and brewery representatives sharing their expertise. 

Tip: Let breweries know how many people you’re expecting by gathering event RSVPs through your resident engagement platform.



July Resident Event Idea 5: Mid-Summer Mixer

Bring a tropical vibe to your community with a Mid-Summer Mixer that'll transport residents to a beach oasis. Deck out the event space with vibrant colors, set up a tiki bar serving refreshing mocktails, and offer fun activities like a limbo contest or hula dance lessons. 

Tip: Spread the word through social media and your resident app, encouraging residents to dress in Hawaiian attire for a truly festive atmosphere. Don’t forget to take pictures!


July Resident Event Idea 6: Saturday Salsa Class

Get your community moving with a Saturday Salsa Class. Hire a professional instructor to teach salsa basics to participants of all skill levels. Encourage residents to come with partners or provide a system for them to find dance partners on-site. 

Tip: Choose a community space with a smooth floor surface, like a multipurpose room or outdoor patio, for the class.



July Resident Event Idea 7: Sweet, Sweet Summer

Indulge your residents' sweet tooth with a Sweet, Sweet Summer event. Set up a dessert bar featuring a variety of treats like ice cream sundaes, cotton candy, and popsicles. Make it interactive with a DIY ice cream topping station for residents to customize their creations. 

Tip: Opt for pre-packaged desserts or collaborate with a local bakery to provide a range of options, saving you time and ensuring top-notch treats. 



July Resident Event Idea 8: Tacos & Tequila

Throw a fiesta with a Tacos & Tequila event. Team up with a local taco truck or caterer to offer an array of tacos and tequila-based drinks. Sprinkle festive decorations, lively music, and a salsa dance performance to add to the ambiance. 

Tip: Don't forget to provide non-alcoholic options for tequila-based drinks, so everyone can join the fun!



July Resident Event Idea 9: Dog Days of Summer

Embrace the sunny weather and create an event called the Dog Days of Summer. Set up a pet-friendly obstacle course or agility challenge in a designated area, allowing residents and their furry friends to engage in friendly competitions. Keep our four-legged pals happy and hydrated with water stations and dog treats. 

Tip: Reach out to local pet stores or veterinarians to sponsor the event or donate prizes, saving you some money while forging valuable partnerships.



July Resident Event Idea 10: Cornhole Contest

Unleash the competitive spirit with a Cornhole Contest that will engage residents of all ages. Set up multiple cornhole boards in an outdoor area and encourage residents to form teams and compete for prizes. Create a vibrant atmosphere with music, snacks, and refreshing beverages.

Tip: Customize the cornhole boards with your property's logo or branding to add a personal touch and leave a lasting impression.


These event ideas for July will undoubtedly boost community engagement and create lasting memories for your residents. By leveraging local partnerships, offering customizable experiences, and tapping into residents' interests, you can plan remarkable events while saving time, effort, and money along the way. 

Resident Event Ideas for July 2023 [+ Social Media Templates]

Resident Event Ideas for July 2023 [+ Social Media Templates]

As we embrace the vibrant month of July, it's time to plan engaging and unforgettable events for your residents. To help you create memorable...

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