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Turn resident engagement into resident retention

Get higher retention, better NOI, more Google reviews, and resident engagement insights.

All with our community building platform.

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Cobu dashboard and app

Hear directly from our customers

We sat down with our customers to discuss how they:

  • Leverage Cobu features like Google review outreach, content moderation, and event RSVPs to drive business results
  • Built strong communities that residents don't want to leave
  • Onboarded with Cobu, and what their experience has been since the beginning

Learn what they think about Cobu

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100k+ units build community with Cobu

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How Cobu helped retain a resident who gave notice

When multifamily apartment residents are lonely and isolated, they're less likely to renew their lease. Turnover costs you time and (a lot of) money.

Community combats loneliness and improves your bottom line through increased retention.

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53% of residents don't have any friends in their apartment community.

Source: Cobu

Graph showing average number of friends that residents have in their community.

Having one friend can increase the likelihood to renew a lease by 9%.

Source: Witten Advisors

Graph showing correlation between number of friends and likelihood to renew an apartment lease.

Our platform is proven to increase resident retention by up to 17%.

Graph comparing increased renewal rates from using Cobu.
Apartment Community 1

+12% increased renewal rate

Unit count: 286

Phase: Lease up

Cobu adoption: 86%

Apartment Community 2

+10% increased renewal rate

Unit count: 452

Phase: Stabilized

Cobu adoption: 92%

Apartment Community 3

+17% increased renewal rate

Unit count: 350

Phase: Lease up

Cobu adoption: 69%

No more struggling with revenue growth and meeting client expectations.

Now you can build community. With Cobu.


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