Engage residents without creating more work.

Property managers are short on time with multiple responsibilities. 


With Cobu, you can get more Google reviews, higher retention, and provide an exceptional resident experience. All in one platform.


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Loved by property managers at multifamily's leading owners and operators

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Cobu isn't a tool for service requests or rent payments. 

It's an app where residents interact with each other online. And it's fully moderated, so it stays safe and positive. No more complains spiraling out of control.

Our one-stop tool engages and retains residents without taking up more time or creating more work. That way you can focus on delivering important results for your clients and leadership.


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Get more Google reviews

Cobu's always-on Google review outreach takes the work out of gathering reviews from residents. And we have a 4.9-star average rating.

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Increase resident retention

When residents have friends in their community, they don't want to leave. Cobu helps your residents connect with each other so you get more referrals and less notices. That means higher retention and better NOI.

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Tailor your resident experience

Resident have more options than ever. Make your property stand out by using Cobu's resident data to give residents the experience they want. And you can do it with time-saving features like our Property Manager Dashboard and event RSVPs.

Time-saving tools for resident engagement

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Google review outreach

No more struggling to get reviews. Cobu works in the background by asking residents to leave you Google reviews. And we average a 4.9-star rating.

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Fully moderated platform

Negative comments can spiral out of control. Cobu is fully moderated, so residents have a safe, positive place to connect. 

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Resident data insights

Ever wonder what residents are thinking and feeling? Get a full look at the resident experience with insights from polls, comment sentiments, and other engagement data on the platform.

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Resident Referrals

Residents can refer friends and family to live at your building through Cobu. That means more residents with less work.

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Event RSVPs

Budgets are tight. Don't overspend on events because you don't know how many people are coming. Use event RSVPs to optimize your expenses while providing an exceptional experience.

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Direct chat

With direct chat and online discussion boards, residents can easily connect online. You'll have a stronger resident community before you know it.

Results that'll impress your clients and leadership

20% Retention Increase

Cobu customers experience up to 20% increases in resident retention rate.

4.9 Stars

Cobu generates Google reviews for customers with an average rating of 4.9 stars.

90% Active Rate

Our community building platform drives up to 90% active rates for our customers.
(National Benchmark is ~57%)

Here's what our customers have to say

Leah Cataldo
"Cobu builds engagement, it builds camaraderie among the community, and it's also something that is going to help you with your retention."
Leah Cataldo
Regional Associate, Bozzuto
Leslie Caffey, Magellan
"The Google review part is huge. That in itself is priceless almost. You can't put enough money on having all good reviews. That's the biggest part for us."
Lesley Caffey
Property Manager, Magellan Property Management
Dan Osaulenko
"We've had countless reviews come in now that let us keep that high rating across Google and keep our digital footprint strong and positive."
Dan Osaulenko
Community Manager, Landmark
Zach Siegel
"RSVPs started coming in for our events and then residents started putting events together ... All of these things that we wanted for our community were happening and a lot of it was thanks to Cobu."
Zach Siegel
Property Manager, Urby

How do property managers use Cobu?

We sat down with our customers to discuss how they:

  • Leverage Cobu features like Google review outreach, content moderation, and event RSVPs to drive business results
  • Built strong communities that residents don't want to leave
  • Onboarded with Cobu, and what their experience has been since the beginning



Start delivering results for your clients with community building.


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