About Us


Our Founder’s Story

“Cobu was the culmination of two eureka moments: one professional and one personal. On the professional side, I observed just how much pain apartment building owners had with competition in the market; retaining residents and being the best usually came with million dollar renovations, which often did not contribute to the bottom line. On the personal side, I saw just how painful it was for my own mother to not have a community when she moved to the city. Her apartment complex had the community spaces, and yet she may as well have lived in a shopping mall. The entire experience was impersonal, and frankly very isolating for her. Cobu was born from the mission to help my mom -- and all city dwellers -- truly belong in the places they call home. Finding a way to make it sustainable by bringing value to both residents and apartment building owners was the true eureka moment!” 

- Ben Pleat, Founder & CEO

We’re solving residential loneliness by powering genuine community in apartment buildings, like yours.

Our philosophy is based on the following tenets:



We aim to build inclusive communities where every neighbor (and team member) is welcome



Everything we do for our community members is intended to help them become their best selves


A Warm Welcome Home

We are connectors; we want to meet and connect with everyone, bringing smiles to the entire community and neighborhood.

Our Values

These key elements define success for the Cobu resident app. They are also ones we embody as Cobu ambassadors while engaging with everyone we work with.


Cobu’s services and features are designed to make any resident feel they belong to their community.



Cobu provides an opportunity for each resident to contribute in a variety of forms. Like any network, the more contributions, the stronger the network.



Cobu empowers conversations beyond forms with a conversational approach so it can better establish itself in the lives of the residents it serves.

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Cobu facilitates meaningful connections with a small amount of knowledge about two or more members, and makes meaningful recommendations through perks.

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Cobu fosters collaboration not only personally, but also within their building and neighborhood as a part of their broader community.