About Us


Our Founder’s Story

“Cobu was the culmination of two eureka moments: one professional and one personal. On the professional side, I observed just how much pain apartment building owners had with competition in the market; retaining residents and being the best usually came with million dollar renovations, which often did not contribute to the bottom line. On the personal side, I saw just how painful it was for my own mother to not have a community when she moved to the city. Her apartment complex had the community spaces, and yet she may as well have lived in a shopping mall. The entire experience was impersonal, and frankly very isolating for her. Cobu was born from the mission to help my mom -- and all city dwellers -- truly belong in the places they call home. Finding a way to make it sustainable by bringing value to both residents and apartment building owners was the true eureka moment!” 

- Ben Pleat, Founder & CEO

Cobu’s mission is to:


We are a technology company, and technology powers daily life in the 21st century. Very intentionally, though, we embrace a deeper meaning of power. This word leads our mission because we truly want to revolutionize human agency in urban life. Our primary goal is empowerment. We want residents, buildings, and neighborhoods to become stronger, more connected places by inspiring community members to make them so.


People know when something is genuine. They feel it; it is on an emotional, intangible level. We want to take this important need for authenticity a level deeper. When we find something genuine, we aim to reliably recreate it - using our “tried-and-true community values” - for diverse groups of people, everywhere. We believe even the pursuit of this goal will change the world.


Every human being is unique — therefore, every human being has a unique, equally valid definition of their need for community. Finding belonging, safety, and comfort within a group is what being human is all about. For that reason, it is Cobu’s mission to guide and power communities so they can serve as welcoming, safe, and positive spaces for all people.

Our Values

Cobu’s mission is to Power Genuine Community. This is a reflection of the fact that every decision we make is judged against a single, all-encompassing criterion: does this decision power genuine community?

Our research-based community-focused values is our standard to judge, measure and improve how we power genuine community:



How we bring people together to form a defined whole; a community.



How we create meaningful shared participation as a community.



How we help an individual to identify needs and have them fulfilled in a rewarding way by a community.


How we help encourage mutual influence; for an individual to provide impact into a community and for a community to impact an individual.