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Community building: the key to conquering market challenges in 2023

OWNERS & OPERATORS: Are you prepared for market challenges in 2023? 

In 40 minutes, learn directly from multifamily family leaders about:

  • 2023's biggest challenges for multifamily

  • Why community building is this year's biggest opportunity

  • Drive revenue with an entrepreneurial management approach

  • Leveraging innovation and technology to deliver results your clients expect

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Owners and operators are dealing with every challenge you can imagine in multifamily. And they're hitting all at once.

Learn how community building can help you drive the highest value for owners despite all the turbulence.

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We help leading property owners of Class A multifamily properties.

With Cobu, you get:

  • Increased resident retention (10%-17% increases seen) as a result of residents empowered to engage on their own
  • Online Goole review generation that is always on and with an average star rating of 4.9 to date
  • Time savings for your onsite teams by them spending less time driving strong resident & event engagement
  • Access to the Cobu Platform (mobile app and PM dashboard) and the expert support that makes this possible”

Learn how other property managers are driving the innovation and results their clients need.

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Lisa Yeh
“You’re going to see owners try to figure out, ‘How do I create better customer service? How do I curate experience?’ because that’s going to really drive the revenue and also the retention. You’ll see more adoption with Cobu because that’s the tool that’s used to connect communities together."
Lisa Yeh
COO, Sentral

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