We are connectors

From bringing in experts to host unique resident experiences to showcasing the best your neighborhood has to offer, Cobu partners with all sorts of people, businesses and organizations to power genuine community.


Individuals & Non-Profits

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Performers, Craft Instructors, Expert Speakers, and other event specialists - we want to connect with YOU! Bring your skills to entertain, teach others or just help people connect and we’ll work with you on which communities your “thing” is a perfect fit for.

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We work with community organizations from youth sports to local politics and everything in between to make sure that our buildings’ communities are making a positive impact in their neighboorhood. Connect with us about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events and other ways we can work together.


Businesses & Brands

We can’t power community building without the help of the community! Is your local brand or business looking to work with Cobu to make your name synonymous with the neighborhood? Here’s a couple of ways we can help:


Residents Perks

Within Cobu’s mobile app we offer brands the opportunity to promote a unique offer or “Perk” to residents in the neighborhood. This could be something to drive new customers, create regulars, or just get your name in front of hundreds of residents. We limit the number of Perks available in each building and review them based on value and resident satisfaction, so make it “an offer you cannot refuse” and you’ll become a neighborhood favorite!

💲 It’s free to apply & join Perks! (We’re neighbors after all😉)


Co-Host with Cobu

Partner with Cobu’s team to craft a brand-specific Showcase experience for residents of a Cobu Community. Sample your product or service in a new way, pair the newest offering from your brewery with the restaurant down the block or whatever else you have in mind! We’ll take care of the marketing, the messaging and the space, just bring what’s needed to bring your brand to life!

💲 Co-Hosting opportunities start at $119 (to cover staff, management & access fees) but are otherwise priced per Experience.


Sponsor a Cobu Experience

Each month we power resident programming for thousands of people across dozens of communities. Lend us a helping hand in executing community gatherings, performances and other Cobu programming and we’ll return the favor, promoting your brand in event marketing materials, email communications, and of course, in our app.

💲Currently all Sponsorship Opportunities are on a per Experience basis.

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