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9 Resident Event Ideas for October 2022 [+ Social Media Templates]

October: the time of sugar, (pumpkin) spice, and everything nice. With the new month comes new opportunities to engage your residents with fun, fall-themed events.

Whether you plan a huge block party or a quick grab-and-go, it’s important to prioritize events so that residents stay engaged and form connections with each other.

In need of ideas? Short on time for event planning? Don’t fret. 

We’ve compiled a list of October event ideas that your residents are sure to love. We’re even throwing in some free social media templates that you can use to help promote the event.

From pumpkin painting to a spooky movie night, this monthly roundup will save you time (and energy) during the planning process.


Download Now: 9 Free Social Media Templates for October 2022 Events


October Event Idea 1: Oktoberfest

It goes without saying that Oktoberfest is October’s namesake event. Originating in Germany, this event is a celebration featuring beer, German food, and an all-around great time. 

Take advantage of your amenity spaces for this event, and consider including:

  • Beer from a local brewery

    • With enough options, you can turn this into a beer tasting event

    • Don’t forget to bring other fun fall drinks like ciders for those who don’t want alcohol.

  • Food vendors

    • Whether they’re German restaurants or local bites, make sure you have something for people to eat.

  • Music

    • Liven up the atmosphere with a local musician, or simply DJ from a playlist on your phone. Either way, residents will appreciate a little background noise while they mingle. 

  • Other local vendors who want to join in

    • Take a “the more the merrier” approach to this event and include other vendors who want to meet your residents. They’ll appreciate the inclusion. Your residents will appreciate their presence.

Need an example? Take a look at VIA Seaport’s Annual Oktoberfest from 2021. 



October Event Idea 2: Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkins are the ultimate sign that fall has arrived. Rather than pumpkin carving, get your residents in an autumnal mood with pumpkin painting. 

Simply purchase the pumpkins, gather some painting supplies, and set up the event in your building’s lobby or common area. 

Make the event even more fun and interactive by turning it into a contest with a prize! 

Here’s some inspiration from Grove South Lamar:











October Event Idea 3: Boos ‘n Booze

Not loving the paint idea? Here pumpkins make a comeback, but this time with a boozy twist.

Give residents a selection of beers (bonus point if they’re local), pumpkins, succulents, and let the creative process begin. 

We love how The Prescott Concord made it happen in their community:












October Event Idea 4: Pet Costume Contest/Howl-a-ween party

Residents are our focus, but let’s not forget about their furry friends. Residents can dress their pets in howl-a-ween costumes and meet up in the lobby or dog park for some fun! 

Turn this event into a contest and encourage residents to share on social media. People love their pets, and they love pet content, so you’ll have an easy source of images to post to your socials.

One North of Boston held one of these contests last year:



October Event Idea 5: Trick-or-Treat for a Cause

Trick-or-treating isn’t exclusive to kids or candy. Get philanthropic this October by having your property team knock on doors to collect food or donations for a good cause. 

It’s fun, it’s impactful, and it involves the whole community in and out of the building.



October Event Idea 6: Spooky Movie Night

Halloween movies are all the rage this time of year, so consider a movie night. Host it indoors in a theater or put up a projector screen around your pool. Add some popcorn and candy to the mix and you’ve got yourself a resident event. 

A word of caution: not everyone is a scary movie fan. Consider something seasonal, but lighthearted. May we suggest Hocus Pocus? 

Take a look at what The Grove Apartments Nashville put together for their community:



October Event Idea 7: Door Decorating Contest

Decorations help set the tone for a new season, so let your residents add a little flare to their doors with a door decorating contest. They’ll love the competition. You’ll love the engagement. Everyone will love the seasonal look and feel around the community. Win, win, and win.

Look at The Watson Quincy as an example of how this can play out in your community:



In need of something on a smaller scale?

Consider a Grab-and-Go event. They require the least time and effort to assemble while creating opportunities for resident engagement.

October Event Idea 8: Coffee Cart Grab-and-Go

Pumpkin spice lattes and other warm drinks are hallmarks of the fall season. Treat your residents to a yummy, seasonal drink with a coffee cart in your lobby. 

We recommend partnering with a local coffee shop, but feel free to gather your own supplies if you want to keep it simple.



October Event Idea 9: Trick-or-Treat Grab-and-Go

Last but not least, throw it back to being a kid during Halloween with a Trick-or-treat pop-up. You can set out big bowls of candy or assemble goodie bags that residents can easily grab on the go.

Here’s what One North of Boston set out for their community:











And that’s the roundup!

Don’t forget: it’s crucial to prioritize events so that residents stay engaged and connect with each other. Make sure you plan at least one event per month, even if it’s something small.

Check back next month for our November 2022 roundup. Happy Planning!


Download 9 social media templates


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